Polling places for June 4 Primary

By Rich Wicks | Times Vedette

Polling locations for the upcoming June 4 Primary elections are as follows, according to information provided by Guthrie County Auditor Dani Fink.

Bayard Precinct

Bayard Community Center – 400 Main St., Bayard

Highland, Orange, Seely (part of) and Union Townships and Cities of Bayard and Coon Rapids

Casey Precinct

Casey Community Building – 502 Antique Drive, Casey

Baker, Bear Grove, Beaver (part of), Grant and Thompson Townships and Cities of Adair and Casey      

Guthrie Center Precinct

Christian Church Fellowship Hall – 103 N. Fourth St., Guthrie Center

Jackson and Valley Townships and City of Guthrie Center

Panora Precinct

Veteran’s Auditorium – 115 W. Main St., Panora

Cass (part of) Township and City of Panora

Stuart Precinct

Congregational Church – 224 N. Division St., Stuart

Beaver (part of), Penn and Stuart Townships and Cities of Menlo and Stuart         

Yale Precinct

Yale Community Building – 206 N. Main St., Yale

Cass (part of), Dodge, Richland, Seely (part of) and Victory Townships and Cities of Bagley, Jamaica and Yale

For all elections, the polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Voters can also use the following link to find their polling place: https://sos.iowa.gov/elections/voterreg/pollingplace/search.aspx

Panorama Women’s Golf League results

Special to the Times Vedette

A total of 53 women played in the Panorama Women’s Golf League on May 28.  

In the A group, Carla Fitzgerald was the low scratch winner with a 33. The second low scratch winners were Peg Carr, Julie Clausen and Debbie Rockwell, each with a 36. Peg Carr was the HDCP winner with a 24. The special event was closest to the pin on No. 1, and Amy Ganske was the winner. Carla Fitzgerald had the fewest putts with 15.

In the B group, Shelli Larsen was the low scratch winner with a 42. The second low scratch winner was Linda Wendl with a 43. The HDCP winner was Linda Wendl. The special event was closest to the pin on No. 1, and Paulette Chambers was the winner. Shelli Larsen had the fewest putts with 14.

Phyllis Davis had a birdie, and Karen Bump and Kathy Klinge each had a chip-in. 

GCH Clinics welcomes new provider

Special to the Times Vedette

GCH Clinics welcomes Internal Medicine Physician, Anuj Wadhwa, MD, to GCH Clinics in Panora. Wadhwa joins Dr. Strehle and Lindy Nordstrom, ARNP, in providing care for the entire family at the Panora location.

Dr. Wadhwa went to medical school in India and has worked in India, the UK, and Australia prior to completing her residency in internal medicine at the Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York in 2013. Subsequently, she has worked in Iowa and Tennessee.

“I am happy to be back in Iowa, where I worked for almost nine years before moving to Tennessee, where I worked with the underserved population. I am very glad to be back in rural medicine. I feel that this is where I can best serve my patient’s healthcare needs, as health encompasses not just treating illnesses but also preventing disease and promoting physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being,” Dr. Wadhwa stated.

Dr. Wadhwa is now accepting new patients ages 18 and older. To schedule your appointment with her or any of the Panora providers, call GCH Clinics at 641-755-4000.

Farmers State Bank staff provides landscaping upgrade at Little Panther Daycare

Special to the Times Vedette

Farmers State Bank staff volunteered more than 30 combined hours on Saturday and Monday to rehabilitate the landscaping on the front side of Little Panther Daycare and Preschool in Panora. This involved removing the old landscaping and digging up plants while trenching the sump pump line. The bank covered the expenses. 

Bank employees trimmed the bushes that remained in good shape, brought in 1 ton of dirt to lay down, put down weed barrier, and applied 1 pallet (68, 3 cubic feet bags) of cedar bark mulch. They also planted eight additional perennials, which included one Gumball Goody Rose, one Cinnamon Hearts Rose, two Dragon Baby Hydrangeas and four Nightglow Diervilla.

Photo caption: Hunter Beyerink, Lindsey Van Gundy, Brice Taylor, Carley Van Gundy, Jenny Van Gundy, Scott Stanley, Kegan Schultz, Allison Stanley (took picture). Also helped but not pictured are Alyssa Stanley and Blake Stanley.

Before photos:

After photos:

Whiterock Conservancy launches free Iowa Rocks! program series

Special to the Times Vedette

Dr. Kata McCarville

Whiterock Conservancy welcomes Dr. Kata McCarville to Whiterock Conservancy this summer for a three-part series at the Bur Oak Visitor Center from 10 am – noon. If you have a treasured rock or fossil you are curious about, Dr. Kata can do identifications before or after the talk. Pack and transport items carefully as many are fragile.

  • June 9 – Iowa Rocks!
  • July 21 – Extinctions
  • 14 – Soils

Iowa’s geology is varied and interesting but is sometimes overlooked because of the perception that Iowa is flat and there is nothing to see but corn and soybeans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Iowa’s bedrock contains many phenomenal fossils, evidence of meteor impacts, and a record of much of the geological past. Glacial deposits conceal older bedrock across much of the state, and those deposits include rocks transported from Canada and Minnesota, including rhyolite, basalt, greenstone, banded iron formation and stunning Lake Superior agates.

We’ll take a quick tour of Iowa’s geologic history and the rocks that record the story, with a particular focus on Whiterock Conservancy and the surrounding area.

Katherine McCarville (Kata) got started with Iowa geology in 2005 when she joined the faculty at Upper Iowa University in Fayette. Born at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, she is a river rat. She’s spent time on and along many Iowa rivers, as well as the Colorado, Green, Platte, Snake and Mississippi.

Kata has roots in the Midwest but grew up in California. She studied geology at UCLA as an undergraduate and worked as a uranium miner in Wyoming after graduation. She earned a master’s degree in geology Colorado School of Mines, working on uranium deposits in the Red Desert basin of Wyoming, and then worked for a number of years in computing and networking at universities and for engineering consulting firms. As a Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow, she did her doctoral work in avian paleontology of Fossil Lake, Oregon, at the South Dakota School of Mines. Her work resulted in an innovative interpretation for the locality, as a volcanic maar.

Kata’s interests span the earth and environmental sciences and often cross disciplinary boundaries. Her current research centers on the origins of the Iowan Erosion Surface, soil health and soil organisms, and the role of disturbance in prairie ecosystems.

These programs are free and open to the public. Call the Whiterock Conservancy office at 712-790-8221 x2 or email guestinfo@whiterockconservancy.org for questions or more information.