Gayla Wasson

Special to the Times Vedette

Art on State had a class with Kathy Wallander from Audubon on Saturday. Wallander taught participants how to make a mosaic using materials and tools to make a stepping stone that could be outside. Eight students, including Chris Eighmy, Gayla Wasson, Katlyn Wasson, Roxann Wicks, Cindy Tripp and Cathy Ballard, were able to cut glass and make mosaic stepping stones.

Art on State is an art gallery created by the Guthrie County Arts Council as an opportunity to bring together the artists of the county, encouraging them in their talents by providing means to display and sell their work and to bring awareness of artistic endeavors to the community at large by presenting performing and visual arts programs. Art on State is located at 320 State St. in Guthrie Center. Learn more at

Roxann Wicks

Stepping stones created at Art on State on Saturday.

Katlyn Wasson

Doreen Buls and Tracy Griffith

A mosaic stepping stone created at Art on State on Saturday.