Local branch owner Dale Hochreiter says warmer weather brings more customers.

Dale Hochreiter of Cyclone Pest Management

By Rich Wicks | Panora Times

With spring arriving, Dale Hochreiter knows his phone will start ringing more often. That’s because, at his business, Cyclone Pest Management, warmer weather means more business. Hochreiter owns the local branch of Cyclone Pest Management and says he is busy year-round, but the most active times are April through July.

Hochreiter is now in his seventh year with Cyclone Pest Management, and he said he’s happy to tell customers that the products he uses are “odorless, non-staining and safe for humans and pets.” 

 “Our insecticide products take care of anywhere from 300 to 400 insects,” he said.

Hochreiter shared the most common issues he is called to deal with are spiders, mosquitos, centipedes, wasps, rodents and ants. Over the years, he has experienced a wide variety of situations, but he says that’s an unavoidable factor in his line of work. He keeps the focus on solving whatever problem situation the customer called about.

Hochreiter said he’s not expecting any significant changes in his business in the next few years, but the company’s products are continually being improved.

Cyclone Pest Management is an employee-owned and veteran-owned company with more than 50 years of experience that provides residential, commercial and agricultural pest control management service with a local branch in Panora. Hochreiter says their solutions are tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs, using state-of-the art techniques and federally registered products. He says Cyclone Pest Management prices are affordable and do not require contracts like many pest companies, noting that estimates are free. 

Hochreiter points out that he strives to respond quickly when called, especially if the need is urgent. 

“Almost all of our business comes from referrals, so we always feel we’re doing a good job. If people are referring us, we must be doing something right,” Hochreiter said.