Junior Class

By Betty Cooper | Special to the Times Vedette

Panorama High School held its annual prom celebrations on Saturday. The theme was “Euphoria.” The grand march started at 5 p.m. at the high school, and the after-prom was at the high school.

Senior Class


Joel Cooper and Lexi Wasson

Isaac Monrroy-Nunez and Allie Olsen

Gracie Richter and Luis Czwalinna

Jaxson Stauffer and Tyme Boettcher

Eli Hammerstrom and Madelyn Carstens

Cristian Monrroy-Nunez and Maddy Lutz

Gavin Lindstrom and Meredith Woodworth

Ava Haverstick and Maddox Nunn

Robbie Lake and Bridgette Knapp

Lindy Nelson and Reilan Boecker

Gabe Wagner and Liberty Ashworth

Ethan Hein and Shawnie Brown

Madison Hummel and David Erickson

Kelsey Laabs and Brayden Galvan

Dane Kemble and Zoey Hambleton

Jaysen Stagg and Hannah Malloy

Payton Policky and Elizabeth Snyder

Austin Wagner and Hanna Smith

Hadley Klein and Sawyer Simmons

Blake Schwartz and Cayden Iredale

Connor Love and Madison Mincy

Evelyn Hummel and Colby Waltz

Cayden VanMeer and Taylor Kunze

Elah Molloy and Griffyn Burchfield

Donovin Delp and Tori Heckman

Bridgette Ewing and Emmett King

Taytum Bates and Kaitlin Kent

Zander Hammerstrom and Jolynne Roeder

Keirstyn Egger and Natalie Donovan

Jaidyn Sellers and Trey Boettcher

Mia Waddle and Braylon Dawes

Hallie Arganbright and Ryan Cogil

Landon Kirtley and Faith Recker

Hunter Dishman and Ava Thompson

Brayden Lincoln and Hania Boblett

Klayton Bremer and Jazym Sellers

Xavier Boblett and Jauclyn Curry

Hannah Nichols and Mason Carstens

AJ Draper and Jadyn Lawrence