Special to the Times Vedette

Art on State held a fused jewelry-making class on Feb. 25 at 2 p.m. Five artists made glass-fused jewelry with teacher Kathy Wallander.

Art on State is an art gallery created by the Guthrie County Arts Council as an opportunity to bring together the artists of the county, encouraging them in their talents by providing means to display and sell their work and to bring awareness of artistic endeavors to the community at large by presenting performing and visual arts programs.​ Art on State is located at 320 State St. in Guthrie Center. Learn more at www.guthriecountyartscouncil.org.

Chris Eighmy and Peg Fett work on cutting colored glass for their jewelry.

Kathy Wallander manages the supply table.

Chris Eighmy creates jewelry and is excited to see it after it has been fired in the kiln.

Cathy Ballard’s cut glass is ready to be fired in a kiln and brought back to the store.