By Rich Wicks | Times Vedette

On Jan. 8, the Guthrie Center City Council met in regular session. 

Mayor Mike Herbert discussed concerns with recent actions by a Utility Board trustee toward city staff. Dan Nickell was in attendance on behalf of the GCMU Board of Trustees. After much discussion, the consensus by the council was that this behavior would not be tolerated, and if there was another incident, the council would vote to have said trustee removed from the board. 

City Clerk Kris Arrasmith shared the Library Board had recently approved a 5% salary increase for its staff effective Jan. 1 at its December meeting. She explained this increase was not included in the 2023/2024 budget and was approved by the MJB Library Board without a conversation with Arrasmith or the council prior to the meeting. The council instructed Arrasmith to give clarification to the library board president, Steve Bascom, on salary budgeting, timing, approvals and proper procedures. 

Public Works Superintendent Darin Sloss provided his departmental report. He shared his department had been prepping for snow removal season, taking down holiday lights, and removing some trees. He also shared that the DNR was going to require an upgraded wastewater sampler. He had received a quote for a new sampler from GPM Environmental Solutions for $4,853. The council unanimously approved the request. 

Arrasmith shared that city hall would be closing at noon on Wednesdays during the month of January so they can move forward with transitioning to the new financial software program. She will keep the council posted on the progress of the software migration. 

As part of the consent agenda, the council approved a beer/liquor permit for Dollar General. 

The council’s next regular meeting will be Monday, Jan. 22.