Arber shares details on recent dog bite incidents.

By Rich Wicks | Times Vedette

During the regular meeting of the Guthrie County Board of Supervisors on March 12, the item generating the most discussion was a salary increase for county employees for the upcoming fiscal year. Supervisor Brian Johnson suggested an increase of 3.2%, saying he preferred to stay “conservative.” Mike Dickson pointed out that staying conservative eventually leads to salaries no longer being competitive.

After lengthy discussion, Supervisor Steve Smith proposed a compromise.

“We could sit here for another hour and continue to beat the bush, but I’m going to throw out… to have their raises at 3.5 (percent),” he said. Johnson seconded the motion, and it passed on a three to two vote, with JD Kuster and Dickson voting nay. Kuster and Dickson stated that they felt 4% would have been feasible.

Health Director Jotham Arber addressed the supervisors with a departmental update. He spoke of recent dog bite incidents in which dogs have left their home property and bitten neighboring farmers.

“At our next Board of Health meeting, I’m going to be bringing an Animal Bite Ordinance recommendation,” Arber said.

Arber explained that there are dogs that have been repeat offenders, leaving their home property and biting people on neighboring properties. He said currently, unless victims press charges, there is little the county can do. The proposed ordinance would help give the county more ability to deal with these situations.

The next meeting of the supervisors will be a regular meeting on Tuesday, March 19. The public is welcome. Attendees may participate in person or by calling 323-792-6123 and inputting conference ID 547029216#.