Dickson requests clarification regarding discussion about a potential “vicious dog ordinance.”

By Rich Wicks | Times Vedette

During the April 16 regular meeting of the Guthrie County Board of Supervisors, the supervisors reviewed the draft of a cover letter regarding the county’s Request for Proposals (RFP) for EMS services. The discussion centered on what the deadline for RFPs should be in order to allow adequate time for them to be submitted while still allowing the county adequate time for the various action needed after they are received, in order to potentially have the EMS issue on ballots in the November election. After discussion, the supervisors approved the cover letter, with one change, making the deadline for RFPs June 14.

During the public comments section of the meeting, Paul Hutton of Stuart addressed the supervisors to voice his concerns about taxes. He said despite the letters he received saying the levy rate has decreased, the actual taxes have increased.

“Basically, a family making about $100,000 a year, married with two kids, pays about 41% in taxes per year. said Hutton. “We’re being taxed to death in this country.”

At 10 a.m., a public hearing was held on the county’s Fiscal Year 2024-2025 budget. Auditor Dani Fink shared data regarding the taxes. She explained that overall in Guthrie County, property valuations went up 11% compared to the previous year.

Following the public hearing, the supervisors approved Resolution 24-25 for the adoption and certification of taxes for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

Supervisor Mike Dickson asked for clarification regarding discussion about a potential “vicious dog ordinance” that happened at a recent supervisors’ meeting that Dickson was unable to attend. Board Chair JD Kuster said that, apparently, some citizens misunderstood and worried that the county may be considering banning certain breeds of dog.

“Certainly, there was not a discussion about eliminating breeds,” said Supervisor Steve Smith.

The next regular meeting of the supervisors will be Tuesday, April 23. The public is welcome. Attendees may participate in person or by calling 323-792-6123 and inputting conference ID 547029216#.