Special to the Times Vedette

Brian Johnson announced his bid for reelection for Guthrie County Supervisor, District 2. Johnson, a Republican, was elected as District 2 Supervisor in 2022. As a result of reapportionment, Johnson is serving a two-year term and is now seeking re-election for a full four-year term in the 2024 election. Johnson’s district includes Yale, Jamaica, Bagley, the Victory Township portion of Lake Panorama, rural areas in northeast Guthrie County, and select rural areas north and northwest of Guthrie Center. 

“Representing District 2 has been a humbling and rewarding experience,” Johnson said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent the proud communities and rural areas of this district. It was an honor serving as board chair my first year, and I’m excited to continue the important work of Guthrie County. As we begin our budget process, I will advocate for a balance between providing top-notch county services and ensuring the responsible management of property tax dollars. Voters can count on me to advocate for transparency, professionalism, and efficiency in county government.”

Johnson highlighted the designation of EMS an essential service as a top priority for the coming year.

“The issue of EMS is both important and challenging,” he said. “I believe it is our duty to submit a proposal to the voters of Guthrie County, so we can come together and implement cooperative solutions for the good of everyone. I will do my part to help ensure county government provides trusted leadership on this topic.”

Johnson said he has a great deal of pride and confidence in Guthrie County.

“Our county has great potential to not only navigate the challenges we face, but also to grow, prosper and thrive,” he said. “I will continue to be a supporter of economic development initiatives and strategic partnerships that position our communities and rural areas for future success.”

Johnson spent 12 years in education before switching careers and representing a variety of entities at the Iowa Capitol. He and his wife, JoAnn, live at Lake Panorama and are active in the Panora community. They enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, all who live in the area.

In addition to finishing a two-year term on the county supervisors board, Johnson serves on the board of Midwest Partnership; the Policy Committee of Region XII; is a member of Guthrie County 10 Squared Men; a Board Member of Panora Retirement Homes; Member of the Sons of the American Legion; a volunteer and supporter of a number of community projects; and has long relationships with a number of associations, including the Iowa Taxpayers Association and the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.

“I sincerely appreciate all the support these past two years, and respectfully ask District 2 voters for their support in the upcoming 2024 elections,” he said. “I appreciate the opportunity to represent not only District 2 but to also serve for the good of Guthrie County as a whole.”