Special to the Times Vedette

Panorama High School Graduate 2024 Department Awards

  • Agriculture – Tori Heckman
  • Art – Madison Hummel, Lydia James, Bridgette Knapp, Lindy Nelson, Isaac Monrroy Nunez, Allie Olesen
  • Business – Maddox Nunn
  • Drama – Riley Gibson
  • English – Meredith Woodworth
  • Family Consumer Science – Hallie Arganbright
  • Mathematics – Mia Waddle, Maddox Hammerstrom, Klayton Bremer, Weston Ploeger, Kaitlin Kent
  • Science – Gryffin Burchfield
  • Social Studies – Maddox Nunn
  • Spanish – Avery Bahrenfuss and Riley Gibson
  • Speech – Avery Bahrenfuss (Guthrie County State Bank’s Trudy Straub scholarship)
  • Talented and Gifted – Riley Gibson
  • Panther Pride Service: Avery Bahrenfuss, Tyme Boettcher, Ryan Cogil, Zoey Hambleton, Mia Waddle
  • Kip Janvrin Student-Athlete: Jaidyn Sellers and Braylon Dawes

Organizations informing PHS of their chosen 2024 scholarship recipients:

  1. Trusts awarded to 36 graduates, facilitated by Bump & Bump Law
  • Bruce and Naomi Barks Memorial of $5,000 Zoey Hambleton and $2,500 Avery Bahrenfuss
  • Daisy L. Burchfield Trust (8 graduates)
    • Daisy L. Burchfield $2,500 each to Riley Gibson, Maddox Hammerstrom, Aliyah Fortner, Donovin Delp, Ashton Stauffer, Ryan Cogil
    • Daisy L. Burchfield $1,000 each to Lindy Nelson and Hallie Arganbright
    • Rachel L. Hensel Trust (13 graduates)
  • Rachel L. Hensel $2,000 each to Weston Ploeger, Hadley Klein, Hannah Hardisty, Brady Stauffer, Brock Hays, Joseph Perrigo, Braylon Dawes, Gracie Richter, Madison Hummel, Taylor Kunze, Lydia James, Gryffin Burchfield, Julianna Rizzuti
  • Paul & Eleanor Little Foundation (7 graduates)
  • Little Foundation of $3,000 each to Mia Waddle, Kaitlin Kent, Tyme Boettcher, Avery Bahrenfuss, Klayton Bremer
  • Little Foundation of $2,500 each to Jaidyn Sellers and Sarah Westergaard
  • Wirt-Mispel Scholarship (6 graduates)
  • Wirt-Mispel Scholarship of $1,000 each to Liberty Ashworth, Mason Carstens, Elise Warner, Gabielle Mortensen, Meredith Woodworth, Cayden VanMeer
  1. American Bar Association Citizenship Award with $100 to Donovin Delp
  2. Association of Independent Business Women (AIBW), $500 Mia Waddle
  3. Guthrie County Youth Scholarship $300 to Mason Carstens, Ryan Cogil, Weston Ploeger, $150 to Allie Olesen
  4. Guthrie County 4H Foundation $750 to Riley Gibson
  5. Guthrie County REC, $1,000 to Mia Waddle
  6. Eddie McCartney Family $250 Mason Carstens and Ryan Cogil
  7. Farmers State Bank of Yale $500 to Taylor Kunze, Jaidyn Sellers, and Ryan Cogil
  8. Panora Chamber of Commerce, $500 Mia Waddle and $500 Ryan Cogil
  9. Class of 1973 Scholarship, $400 Joseph Perrigo, $400 Ryan Cogil
  10. DMACC Blue & White cord (worn at graduation) for degree related to professional certification: Gabrielle Mortensen – Paraeducator, Avery Bahrenfuss – CNA & Advanced CNA, Donovin Delp – CNA & Advanced CNA, Aliyah Fortner – CNA & Advanced CNA, Zoey Hambleton – Advanced CNA, Lydia James – CNA & Advanced CNA, Sarah Westergaard – CNA & Advanced CNA, Wyatt Giliam (Welding)
  11. DMACC Career Advantage Associate Degree Medallion for completing 2 yr. Degree to Maddox Hammerstrom
  12. WSO (Women’s Service Organization), $500 Zoey Hambleton
  13. Panora Fiber $1,000 to Riley Gibson and Ryan Cogil
  14. Iowa Communications Alliance $2,500 to Mia Waddle
  15. Panorama Tire, $500 Weston Ploeger
  16. Panora Masonic Lodge #121, $1,000 Ryan Cogil
  17. Panorama Alumni Assoc. $1,000 to Ryan Cogil, Mia Waddle, Avery Bahrenfuss, Zoey Hambleton, Kaitlyn Kent
  18. Beverly’s Children present the Beverly Wine Arganbright Scholarship to Hailey Arganbright $1,000
  19. Iowa Trust and Saving Bank Scholarship, Riley Gibson and Tyme Boettcher, $500 each
  20. Iowa State Troopers’ Association $1,000 to Sarah Westergaard
  21. Smith Tire of Yale, $500 to Weston Ploeger
  22. Eagle Scout Cord of Honor, Ryan Cogil
  23. Farmers State Bank of Yale, $500 to Ryan Cogil, Jaidyn Sellers, Taylor Kunze
  24. Hemphill & Associates Insurance, $500 to Zoey Hambleton and Mia Waddle
  25. Jamaica Lions Club $1,000 to Ryan Cogil and Weston Ploeger
  26. First Christian Church, $300 Tyme Boettcher
  27. Life Serve Blood Donor Cord to Klayton Bremer, Ryan Cogil, Riley Gibson, Zoey Hambleton, and Lydia James
  28. Life Serve Scholarship $235 to Riley Gibson
  29. St Cecilia’s Knights of Columbus for $500 to Kaitlin Kent
  30. Bennie F. Hall Prairie Woodland Conservation Foundation $500 to Ryan Cogil
  31. Jen Hewitt Memorial Scholarship from the Guthrie County Arts Council to Lydia James
  32. Panorama Booster Club $1,000 to Mia Waddle, $500 to Jaidyn Sellers, $250 Ryan Cogil, $250 to Kaitlin Kent
  33. PEO of Panora BY and Guthrie Center PH, $1,000 to Mia Waddle
  34. Guthrie County Hospital $500 to Avery Bahrenfuss
  35. Guthrie County Hospital Auxiliary $500 to Zoey Hambleton
  36. FFA ALUMNI awarded $400 to Ryan Cogil, $450 to Riley Gibson, $500 to Hadley Klein, $500 Weston Ploeger, $300 to Elise Warner, and $450 to Sarah Westergaard
  37. Mary Lou Downing Memorial scholarship to Hadley Klein for $450 and Riley Gibson for $250
  38. Women for Panora’s Future (WFPF) $500 to Avery Bahrenfuss, Ryan Cogil, and Zoey Hambleton
  39. Guthrie County Republican Committee Doyle G. Beeber award of $250 to Mia Waddle
  40. Panora Lions’ Club $500 Ryan Cogil
  41. Panorama Educators’ Assoc. (PEA) $500 up to a maximum of $2,000 to Gabrielle Mortensen
  42. Guthrie County Democrats Local Hero, $500 to Mia Waddle
  43. Buena Vista University Presidential award $27,000 (x4 yr.), Build Up Iowa Scholarship $2,000 (x4yr.), $1,000 Legacy Scholarship to Tyme Boettcher
  44. Iowa Bankers Association Student-Athlete Achievement Award $1,000 (presented to Tyme Boettcher by Julie Zajicek at girls state basketball tournament)
  45. Iowa Pork Girls State Basketball Top Producer award to Jaidyn Sellers
  46. State Athletic Association Bernie Saggau Award of Merit to Zoey Hambleton
  47. Iowa Governor’s Scholar award to Zoey Hambleton
  48. Grand View University: Dance Team award $41,200, Root Scholarship $5,467, GPA Award $12,000, and Veteran’s award of $17,800 to Liberty Ashworth
  49. Iowa State University Christina Hixson Award $20,000 over 8 semesters to Mia Waddle
  50. Northwestern College football scholarship of $9,000 to Klayton Bremer and Presidential Scholarships of $13,000 annually to Klayton Bremer and Maddox Hammerstrom