By Susan Thompson | Times Vedette 

Spring cleaning time is upon us. Once the April 15 federal tax filing deadline passes, most people are ready to clean out files and discard previous year’s tax returns, along with other papers that accumulate in their home office. Again this year, Panora Public Library to the rescue.

“We like the shredding truck to come after tax time, so people can safely dispose of old documents and tax-related forms,” says Kim Finnegan, director of the Panora Public Library. “This is a service we like to provide to the Lake Panorama, Panora and surrounding communities, because they support us throughout the year.”

There is no cost to individuals to drop off paper documents to be shredded. The Panora Public Library uses donated funds to cover the cost of this community service.

The “Shred-It” truck will be at the Panora Public Library Saturday, May 4 from 9-11 a.m. Those who plan to drop off paper to be shredded are asked to pull into the driveway north of the library.