Ted Vigil chats with the audience before performing at Panora Specialty Care.

By Rich Wicks | Times Vedette

Nationally recognized tribute artist Ted Vigil performed concerts in Panora on April 21 and 22. The show on April 21 was at Panorama High School, while the April 22 performance was at Panora Specialty Care.

Performing alongside Vigil was Panora’s Kile Jackson, while his wife, Susan, handled the sound-mixing duties for the event. Vigil rose to fame as a tribute artist of the late John Denver. Vigil also performs other music from that era and genre, playing guitar and singing lead vocals.

The April 22 performance delighted a crowd that included residents of Panora Specialty Care, visitors from Lakeside Village, and others in the community. Vigil’s energetic style had the audience clapping and singing along.

Ted Vigil and Mary Beidelman

Ted Vigil wth Linda and Marshall Burgess

Paul Wendl and Sandi Lee with Ted Vigil

Ted Vigil with his support musicians, Kile Jackson and Steven Belknap

Dale and Leila Gardiner with Ted Vigil