Guthrie County Deputy Sheriff Blake Michelsen reported a single-vehicle accident with a power line and pole and a private property on Highway 4 on Feb. 20 at 8:17 a.m. David Alan MacNaughton, 59, of Des Moines was driving a 2007 Pete Conventional 37 pulling a John Deere field cultivator that struck a power line. Deputy Sheriff Michelsen observed that MacNaughton had driven southbound underneath the power line and the cultivator snagged the line and pulled/detached the line from the home and transformer (located on the east side of Highway 4). When MacNaughton began dragging the power line and pole southbound on Highway 4, it caused damage to a home owned by Shane Andersen by pulling siding off the residence and tearing through a private fence on the property. Damage to the electric lines and pole is estimated at $8,066. Damage to the home siding and fence is estimated at $8,000.