Some of you are viewing this digital newsletter on your phones. Some are on your computer. And some of you are using a tablet. Most all of you, currently, are receiving the newsletter via email. In weeks ahead, we will be using social media more to promote this, too. If you are one of the 1,083 folks who follow us on Facebook, you will find the content from this newsletter accessible there, too. And we are currently exploring an option to text a link out to those who prefer to be contacted in that way rather than email. We have some regulatory hoops to jump through first, but more details are to come soon. 

I received a couple comments on a concern in having to open an email client and a web browser at the same time and to have to jump back and forth to view the full stories. Most folks who are used to juggling between multiple apps at the same time have no problem with this, but I realize some of you would prefer to not have to jump back and forth. Here’s a simple solution. At the top of this email and each one we send, there is a link that says, “View as Web Page.” Click that and your web browser will open and you can stay in that to read all the content. 

Best of Guthrie County

We kicked off our Best of Guthrie County poll on Feb. 2, and nearly 200 votes have already rolled in for best ice cream, coach, bank, church and many others. Be sure to make your votes count. We make it easy. Just follow this link. 

Timely obituaries

One of the many benefits to this email newsletter is that obituaries are much timelier. In a weekly printed newspaper, the funeral service is often over by the time the paper is delivered. We also realize the benefit of the printed obituary for scrapbook memories, so we publish each paid obituary in one of our monthly print publications as well. 

Need a Valentine’s Day gift?

If you just figured out that Valentine’s Day is Wednesday and you don’t have anything for your sweetie yet, we have a solution for you. Join us at our annual Chocolate Walk at West Glen Town Center in West Des Moines for an evening of chocolate delight. For a ticket price of $25 ($35 at the door), attendees will receive 10 drink tickets that can be redeemed for sample cocktails at eight different participating venues. Attendees will also be provided chocolate dessert samples.  A shuttle bus will even be providing transportation to each location, although most are only a short walk away. Buy your tickets now here. 

Pass this along

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Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher
Times Vedette digital newsletter