While watching the Panorama girls play in the state basketball first-round game on Tuesday, I marveled at the coverage of the game on the live stream — and, of course, the outstanding play of the Panthers!

Not too many years ago, fans had to rely on an area radio station that might be covering a state tournament game. And, of course, it was only audio. 

Some parents and fans shoot impressive video from the stands on their phones, but the coverage on the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union is truly amazing. The video, the stats, the camera angles, the commentary and the instant replays provide a professional touch to high-school-level games. This technology has come a long way in a short time, and many of us simply take it for granted. 

It’s not all about the look either. Live streaming has catapulted the audience to new levels, as many fans watched Tuesday’s game from their computers, their tablets and their phones. We should all thank Panora Fiber for the massive investments they have made to allow us to stream content flawlessly. 

Of course, nothing matches watching the state tournament games in person, and the Panther fans show up. The pep bus was cheering all the way to Des Moines and back on Tuesday and is doing so again today! A special thanks goes out to the generous sponsors who funded the costs of the transportation and food. 

Today’s second-round game is underway right now (tip-off was at 11:45 a.m.) and will be just as exciting, as the Panthers (24-1) take on Westwood (22-0). If you didn’t go to the game, you can watch it right now from this link. 

This is an exciting time for these young women, Coach Boettcher and her staff, and all the families. Truth be told, it is an exciting time for everyone in the Panorama School District and beyond, whether you are a basketball fan or not. 

The Panorama girls are making us all proud not only of their accomplishments but also of how they have progressed this season with class.

So whether you attend in person and experience the excitement firsthand, or you watch the game at work or at home on live stream, be sure to put your hands together and cheer on the Panthers.

Have a fantastic Friday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher
Times Vedette digital newsletter