Employment services pioneer Robert Half said the eight words in the headline of this column, and most anyone who has hired or fired people would agree with him. Years ago, when jobs were scarce and applicants were aplenty, hiring was easier. The most difficult task was to sift through the stack of resumes and decide which ones to interview. Today, receiving a single application is a challenge. We recognize this, and we are making some efforts to help. 

If you are an employer, you are well aware of the high costs to advertise on digital job boards or to place ads in multiple newspapers or shoppers. And you also know the frustration in having few or no applicants. You know you need to reach people who are currently employed, but how?

If you are looking for a job, you know the annoyance in having to search multiple websites to find job openings, only to be disappointed by some national scam. 

If you are currently employed but want to see what’s out there for opportunities, you know how awkward this can be, especially if your current employer finds out. 

We have kept all this in mind while creating a series of opportunities for everyone, starting with our online job board, which is free to access and, for the immediate future, free to place help wanted ads on. Visit https://gctimesnews.com/job-board and place your ad now. It’s easy, and did I mention it’s free? The list of jobs will continue to grow in weeks ahead as we promote this more. Keep in mind that we are just getting started. 

We also now offer discounted full-color display advertising for help wanted ads in Lake Panorama Times, Guthrie Center Times and Panora Times, which are mailed to every household and business in their designated areas and available at dozens of single copy locations and in digital formats on the affiliated websites. Pricing starts as low as $106. 

We are even providing an option to advertise your open positions in this digital email newsletter, which is sent each Tuesday and Friday at noon. Pricing starts at $50 for two insertions. 

And, for the best results, we can package all of these options together for one low price. 

So if you are hiring, interviewing or just curious what’s out there, be sure to check out our job board, our publications and this email newsletter for openings and contact us to help.

Have a fantastic Friday, and  thank you for reading.

Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher
Times Vedette digital newsletter