What color are the clothes you are wearing right now? Take a good look. Your answer might say more about you than you think. As a person with a degree of color blindness, I found this information entertaining. I hope you do, too.

According to yourtango.com, the color you wear the most has great power over your mood, your attitude and how you are perceived by others. Yikes.

If your wardrobe consists of a lot of the color black, you may be seen as “powerful.” But beware, the article says, as too much black can be overpowering. When I am trying to pick out socks, my wife reminds me that black matches everything. Black seemed to work for Johnny Cash, so I am sticking with it.

White clothing can help you “look clean and innocent” and imply that you’re an “organized and detail-oriented person” — unless you are eating spaghetti and meatballs, of course. 

People either love or hate purple, according to the article. If you want “to appear regal” or “show uniqueness and artistic creativity,” then purple is a great choice for you. It may not be working for the Minnesota Vikings, but you get the idea. 

Orange is “a playful color.” If you wear too much orange, though, you may not be taken seriously. Orange you glad I warned you? Sorry. I couldn’t resist. 

Blue is a common clothing color and represents “honesty and trustworthiness.” The article says this is why hospital employees, bank logos and law enforcement uniforms are typically blue. This all makes sense to me, except for the Blue Man Group. Those guys are creepy. 

If you want to appear all-natural, green is said to be the way to go. The article states that the shades of green make a big difference, though. Deep green can “signify envy and greed,” and Army green can “make you appear rigid.” I like green. All green. Big green, preferably. 

Pink is a color of passion but shows “that you’re vulnerable, and, of course, girly.” I assume my “salmon-colored” shirts may fall in this category. Yes, they are salmon. 

Keep in mind that these are the opinions of the brand manager for Neverland Store (less my comments) but check out the full article here and have some fun with this one today. And, remember, when in doubt, choose plaid. Rodney made it work. 

Thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
Editor and Publisher
Times Vedette digital newsletter