By Jadyn Lawrence, freshman, staff writer

Sarah Westergaard defined her last four years of high school as fast, fun and challenging. Sarah has been very involved in school activities such as dance team, FFA, NHS and also dances at Main Street Dance Studios and is part of the competition team. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Hameister because he has been there for her when she needs to talk. The biggest challenge Sarah has had throughout high school is friendship. She says you have to learn that you will separate from some and also gain a lot of new friends. Her most proud accomplishment is becoming a strong, independent and responsible person.

Sarah grew up on a farm south of Panora. Her plans after high school are to go into nursing at Mercy College of Health and Sciences to attend their BSN program. Sarah’s biggest fear is losing people she loves. Her favorite quote is, “God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain. But He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the pain, and light for the way.” Kristi Vance and Mikeely Denger have been the coaches that have impacted her most. Overall, Sarah’s caring, honest, and responsible self will be very well missed when she graduates from Panorama.



By Aden Rochholz, sophomore, staff writer

Austin Grisham is a senior at Panorama High School. After high school, he plans to become an electrician or a software engineer. To carry out his plan, Austin wants to go to trade school or get an internship. He has been involved in track and field, and Coach Dalhauser has impacted him a lot throughout high school. Austin’s favorite meal is a Philly cheesesteak. His go-to song is “California Girls” by Katy Perry. As a senior, one challenge Austin has had to overcome is improving his work ethic. In his free time, Austin likes to play video games and is proud of his skills in Fortnite. We wish Austin luck in his future endeavors.



By Peyton Walker, sophomore, staff writer

Ethan Hein is a junior at Panorama High School who is graduating early. Ethan grew up in Yale, and his plans after high school are to work. He has been involved in football, basketball and student council in his high school years. His biggest challenge in high school was doing his school work, but that’s where his favorite teacher, Mrs. Kastner, helped him a lot. Throughout the years, he will most remember football his junior year. His most impactful coach will be Coach Kauzlarich, the head football coach at Panorama.

When Ethan goes home after school, he likes to play video games and hopes his parents are cooking steak and asparagus for dinner. If Ethan could go anywhere, it would be somewhere in the mountains, but in 10 years, he sees himself in Des Moines. Ethan’s most challenging task as a senior has been to get his work done so he can graduate early. He looks up to his brothers. His plan to achieve his goals after high school is to be smart. His advice for underclassmen is to pay attention and have fun.



By Maddy Carstens, junior staff writer

This year, on March 28 and April 4, Panorama FFA members did something to involve younger kids in agriculture. Members of the Panorama FFA went to the Panora Elementary to read ag-related books to the kids. The Panorama FFA has been reading to elementary classes for five years with the help of an Ag in the Classroom grant. Guthrie County Farm Bureau has also donated books. With these books and grants, kids can start to learn about agriculture early on in their lives.

On March 28, during ag week, members read to first graders. On April 4, members also read to preschoolers. Alexis Olson and Jamie Fronapfel read to the first-graders during ag week. Alexis read the book “From Grapes to Jelly,” and Jamie read the book “Bread Lab.” Ella Carico, Ava Thompson, Bridget White and Cody Kastner read to the kids on April 4. They all read the same book, “Farm.” Ella King photographed the members reading to the kids.



By Miranda Laabs, sophomore, staff writer

Des Moines Area Community College offers many classes to high school students at Panorama Schools. This gives students opportunities to get ahead in their academics. Courses can be taught through web-blended learning, independent online, as well as going to the VanKirk Academy in Perry and learning there. There are many courses that can benefit students. All of these classes allow students to gain high school credits and college credits as well.

Students have been signing up for classes through DMACC as they plan out their busy schedules for the upcoming school year. Consider taking advantage of their program and different opportunities and sign up now.



By Miyah Small, eighth grader, staff writer

From April 8-9, three high-schoolers and seven middle-schoolers attended the State TSA conference, which took place at the Adventureland Inn in Altoona. Students participated in events such as remote control car racing, forensic science, tech bowl, problem solving and prepared speech. The students competed from schools all over Iowa such as Winterset, Perry, Urbandale and Johnston. The Panorama Middle School RC team included Jeremiah King, Caleb Prescott and Ayden Ruth and placed second. One of the middle school forensics teams with Ayden Ruth and Jeremiah King also placed second. Graycen Shaffer placed fourth in dragster. Grace Tripple placed fourth in prepared speech.



By Lillie Greenlee, freshman, staff writer

Many career options are available for students to choose from. It’s good to look for things you have interest in. If you choose something that includes none of your interests, you’ll be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy. For example, if you enjoy helping people, the healthcare field has a wide variety of different jobs you could do. Or if you like cooking and working with foods, a job in culinary could be good. If you like observing human interaction or mental health issues, a career in social science could be a good fit for you.

Some examples of healthcare careers would be: radiologist, dental hygienist, sonographer, physiatrist or registered nurse. Not all of them work specifically in a hospital, as there is a wide range of choices. Some good jobs in culinary careers would be: pastry chef, recipe developer or a food stylist. All of these deal with food but in different ways. Lastly, some jobs in social services would be: social worker, sociologist or psychologist. It’s good to look into your interests and the wide variety of career choices. Don’t limit yourself, though, as you don’t want to be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy.