Left to right: Mr. Huebner, Ava Thompson and Lydia James


By Miranda Laabs, sophomore, staff writer

On April 22, Panorama Schools held a blood drive in the middle school gym. Panorama National Honor Society helped pass out snacks and drinks to those who donated blood. Donating blood can impact many lives. Each time someone donates, they help three people on average. The blood goes to those who need transfusions due to loss of blood from surgery or injury. Studies have shown that those who donate blood have lower risk of liver, lung, colon, stomach and throat cancer. Those who are wanting to donate must have their iron levels, hemoglobin levels and past medical history checked. Donating can save many lives. If you are eligible, be sure to consider donating to those who need it. After donating, you will get a letter in the mail. In this letter, you will receive your blood type and donor card, as well as your results from the tests they run in the lab. Donating is a great way to help others and improve your health as well. 

Forty-seven people were on the schedule to give at the drive, and 44 were registered to donate. Nine were first-time donors, and 36 were able to donate. Thirty-nine units of blood were collected, and up to 117 lives were saved or sustained.

Information gathered from the event, LifeServe, and biospecialty.com. 



By Bjoërg Skovgaard, sophomore, staff writer

Hadley Klein is a senior at Panorama High School. She grew up in Yale but was born in Kansas. After high school, she plans to go to community college for two years and then transfer to Iowa State for animal science. During her high school years, Hadley has been involved in football cheer, golf, speech, drama, FFA, NHS and band. She is proud of her accomplishment of earning her Iowa degree for FFA. If she could go back and tell her younger self something, it would be: Don’t be afraid of what others think. Hadley’s advice for underclassmen is to be outgoing and not spend all day in your room.

If she could describe her last four years, it would be fun, memorable and hard. One of the biggest challenges for Hadley was staying focused on doing homework and getting it in on time. When she looks back on the year, she will mostly remember her friends and all the good times they had together. Hadley’s favorite teacher is Mr. Hameister because she can ask him for advice. In her free time, Hadley likes to ride horses, listen to music and hang out with friends. She wants to be remembered for being kind to others. She looks up to her mom because she is strong and independent and has taught Hadley she can do anything. In 10 years, Hadley imagines herself living on a farm and having a good job. Good luck, and we wish you all the best in the future. 



By Holliday Mertens, freshman, staff writer

After high school, Weston Ploeger plans to attend Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. During his time at Panorama High, he participated in basketball, FFA, trap shooting, NHS, the Space Settlement Design Competition, the TEAMS competition and 4H. His favorite teacher is his own mom, Mrs. Ploeger. His advice to underclassmen is to “keep working hard.” He is most proud of his high-point titles from ranch horse shows. He plans to achieve his goals with determination, and he strives to meet the goals he sets for himself. He describes his high school experience as “busy, fun and intense.”

Weston looks up to his dad, because “he works hard with extreme dedication for his goals.” The coach who impacted him the most was Coach Peasley because “of the opportunities I have had playing in his basketball program and the relationship we have built.” His most challenging tasks as a senior was coming up with good answers. Three words that describe him best are “handy, laid-back and hard-working.” Finally, he wants to be remembered for “being a great teammate and friend.”



By Bjoërg Skovgaard, sophomore, staff writer

Mia Lleshi is a senior at Panorama High School and grew up in Ankeny and Linden. Her future plans involve getting a job, a farm and a family. During her last year of high school, the most challenging task was getting through the year and staying positive. But even through all the hard times, she still managed to get through it because of her favorite teacher, Mrs. Horak’s support, and her family’s unconditional love. 

Her favorite things to do in her free time are cooking and watching “Breaking Bad,” her favorite TV show. She’d like to be remembered for her cooking, and she’s proud of her accomplishment of being able to eat 12 McChickens. Her favorite meal is mashed potatoes and gravy with BBQ chicken, corn and rolls. We wish you the best of luck.


Front row: Landon Kirtley, Joel Cooper, Brayden Galvan and Gage Thorn; Middle row: Gracie Recker, Jadyn Lawrence, Mia Waddle, Kaitlin Kent, Evelyn Hummel, Faith Recker, Maddy Carstens and Ella Gaffney; Back row: Miranda Laabs, Hailey Hellman, Jessy Randol, Sarah Westergaard, Jaidyn Sellers, Tyme Boettcher and Kelsey Laabs.


By Maddy Carstens, junior, staff writer

On April 24, members of the school community joined together. Panorama High School’s NHS, Student Council, and Service Program joined forces. Together, kids were transported to ditches and roadsides to pick up trash. With everyone working together, things got done faster than planned. Way to go, everyone.

Cleaning ditches has been a part of Panorama High School for a while now. Kids go out in their neon green traffic vests and orange trash bags to help pick up litter across the roads. When kids work together to benefit their community, they can understand something. They can realize they can make a difference in our environment. Thank you to teachers Mrs. Kylee Boettcher, Mrs. Carla Church and Mrs. Angie Clouser for helping transport and run the cleanup. 

Caption: Front row: Landon Kirtley, Joel Cooper, Brayden Galvan and Gage Thorn; Middle row: Gracie Recker, Jadyn Lawrence, Mia Waddle, Kaitlin Kent, Evelyn Hummel, Faith Recker, Maddy Carstens and Ella Gaffney; Back row: Miranda Laabs, Hailey Hellman, Jessy Randol, Sarah Westergaard, Jaidyn Sellers, Tyme Boettcher and Kelsey Laabs.



By Lillie Greenlee, freshman, staff writer

There’s a type of music for every mood you’re in. For example, there is sad music you can listen to when you are down in the dumps. Sometimes listening to music that fits your mood is just a way to express yourself. I love listening to all kinds of music in all of the moods I have. There are so many different types of music, and it is fun to discover what you like best. People relate to different lyrics, and music can help people describe what they are feeling.

Sometimes, it’s also nice to have music to listen to when you want your mood to change. For instance, if you’re sad, listening to fun or happy music can boost your mood greatly. Music is such a diverse thing, and, if you think about it, it is really cool how there’s such a contrast in the same thing. It’s really awesome how something as small as music can bring people together. Everyone likes different music, and it’s fun to be able to share what we like with others. 



By Miyah Small, eighth grader, staff writer

The 2024 softball season officially began on Monday, April 29. The Panorama Softball teams will begin practicing and eventually have games. The weather is nice for some outdoor fun. There have been about one open gym or more per week. Athletes have been putting in effort and getting in reps in the gym, on the field and maybe even at home while prepping for the upcoming season.



By Bjoërg Skovgaard, sophomore, staff writer

On Monday, April 29, Panorama will be part of the Conference Art Fair. The participating schools will compete to win their art category. Panorama will be competing against ACGC, DMC, Madrid, Ogden, Van Meter, WCV and Woodward Granger. The art conference will be hosted by Van Meter High School and is open to all art students enrolled in an art class this year. 

The conference is a judged art show. Three judges will look at the art, discussing pieces, and placing the categories from first to fifth place. There are 30 categories, and Panorama will be competing in almost all of them. Monday will be a field trip for the students who are participating and students who would like to watch.