10th-12th team: Baylyn Herring, Emme Hardisty, Riley Gibson, Noah Poldberg and Gryffin Burchfield.

Ninth team: Jenna Dugan, Parker Meyer, Zander Lopez and Holliday Mertens.


By Bjoërg Skovgaard, sophomore, staff writer  

Panorama High School competed at the All-Conference Academic Bowl on March 27 in Ogden. The freshman team of Jenna, Parker, Zander and Holliday placed seventh out of 15 teams, and the upperclassmen team of Baylyn, Emme, Riley, Noah and Gryffin placed 12th. They did an amazing job.

An Academic Bowl is a quiz competition for teams, testing knowledge of all academic subjects at a grade-appropriate level. Players engage in regular practices and represent their schools in varsity tournaments, which can be organized by the school’s athletic conference. The questions are from all areas of knowledge including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports and more.



By Aden Rochholz, sophomore, staff writer

Jeramiah Johnson-Garnett is a senior at Panorama High School. Jeramiah grew up in Des Moines. After high school, he wants to start working harder and longer. His favorite teacher is Anna Kastner because she helped him get his credits during high school. He hopes underclassmen will stay caught up on their work because it is stressful to be behind in a class.

In his free time, Jeramiah likes to play games. His favorite show is “Baki,” and his favorite song is “Sanguine Paradise.” If Jeramiah could go anywhere in the world, he would want to go to Alaska. He wants to be remembered for his sense of humor and graduating, even though many people doubted he would.



By Hailey Hellman, freshman, staff writer

Senior Maddox Nunn plans to take a gap year after high school to travel abroad, but mostly in Japan to learn the language. Later, he plans to attend a four-year university to study international affairs and Japanese. Maddox’s biggest accomplishment this year was anything and everything that had to do with volleyball. He made so many more friends, learned many new things, and, most of all, created many cherished memories. Even though volleyball has taught him many things, the first sport he learned things from was wrestling, although he doesn’t do it anymore. Coach Kirtley taught him many things like confidence, perseverance, discipline, etc.

Maddox looks up to his brother, Parker, because he is there when he needs someone to talk to. His advice to younger kids is, “Do not be afraid to cherish the smaller relationships you make with people.” He believes he should have stepped out of the box sooner than he did because only good things will come from it. Overall, Maddox Nunn wants to be remembered as the person who was ready for the next step in life.



By Taylin Woolheater, sophomore, staff writer

Dylan Carnahan is graduating early at the end of his junior year. He wants to be remembered by others for his awesome dance moves. Looking back in later years, he will remember P.E. and his favorite teacher, Mr. Stanley, because “he’s awesome.” Throughout high school, Dylan was involved in football. His biggest accomplishment is earning his diploma, and his biggest challenge throughout high school was getting good grades. He says the most challenging part of his last year is the waiting. His advice to underclassmen is to turn homework in on time. If he could go back and talk to his younger self, he would tell himself to pay more attention in school.

After high school, his plans include getting a full-time job and going to a community college. In 10 years, he sees himself owning a house and having a job. A few words that describe Carnahan’s personality include funny, kind and helpful. Dylan mainly looks up to his girlfriend because he says she’s “the most amazing person in the world.” In his free time, he enjoys hanging out and watching “1000-Lb. Sisters.” Carnahan’s favorite quote is “Life comes with pain” by Rod Wave, who is also the creator of his go-to song, “Poison.” If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would go to Africa. Carnahan’s favorite meal is chicken fettuccine alfredo with a “handy dandy” bread stick.



By Miyah Small, eighth-grader, staff writer

Two groups of eighth-graders recently competed in a TEAMS competition. The competition consisted of writing an essay, a multiple choice quiz and a design challenge. The group had 90 minutes for the multiple choice and another 90 minutes to complete the design. The design challenge included designing a prototype of an air-tight box that a car could go into, with a pulley system to open the door. Team A from Panorama received first place in the essay and second in the other two categories with a second place overall.

Panorama’s B team received first in all except for the essay category and first overall. Our Middle Schoolers are going to NATIONALS in Orlando this June. Way to go.



By Maddy Carstens, junior, staff writer

Mrs. Robyn Ploeger is a teacher at Panorama Secondary School. She teaches classes such as statistics and probability, PLTW Introduction to Engineering and Design, eighth-grade math, probability, and DMACC Applied Math 1 and 2. Mrs. Ploeger teaches grades eighth through 12th. Mrs. Ploeger not only teaches but is also involved in helping with the TEAMS competition, is a senior class co-sponsor, and helps with the seventh and eighth grade Washington D.C. WorldStrides trip. Mrs. Ploeger also coaches junior high basketball. She has been teaching for 11 years at Panorama Secondary School. Mrs. Ploeger says that there are two main components of a classroom: building relationships with students to aid in their learning and creating an environment where all students can learn.

Mrs. Ploeger grew up in the Bridgewater/Orient area. She went to school at Nodaway Valley. After high school, Mrs. Ploeger attended Southwestern Community College, where she received an associate degree of arts. She then went to Buena Vista University, where she received a bachelor’s degree of science in mathematics. Finally, she went to the University of Iowa and received a master’s degree in teaching and learning: STEM education. Mrs. Ploeger wanted to teach at Panorama Secondary School because she likes the “sense of community within small rural schools.” Mrs. Ploeger also says that because Panorama has great students, she is rewarded to be able to come to school and teach. She says her favorite thing about Panorama is the great sense of community, as the staff and students support each other to reach one another’s goals, aspire to do better, and help others.

            Mrs. Ploeger was inspired to be a teacher because of many attributes in her life. When she was young, things such as mock spelling bees and practice worksheets, along with playing school as a kid, helped her realize her growing love for teaching. Her mother and grandmother were also teachers. However, she became a teacher not because her family members were, but because her mother and grandmother started the spark within her of the love of learning. This love led to a career for her in the educational program.


Front: Kale Reha, Mason Crees, Adley Ratcliff, Alyssa Prescott, Tinsley Hodges, Kenslea Scott and Juliana Schroeder; Back: Sage Stephens, Anabel Pudenz, Jessa Hellman, Avery Allen, Adalynn Godwin, Elizabeth Lopez and Norah Grove.


By Miyah Small, eighth-grader, staff writer

Three Panorama teams competed at the DCG Battle of the Books competition on March 23. There were 63 total teams. Each of the Panorama teams made it to the top 32 bracket round. One made it to the top 16. Lastly, the third team won the competition. Great job to all who participated.



By Marlee Herring and Miyah Small, eighth-graders, staff writers

April 3 was National Paraprofessional Day, a day to recognize and celebrate educators including paraeducators and teacher’s aides.

Paraprofessionals are employees of the school who works under assigned teachers. Their main responsibilities are providing instructional support to individuals who may need it to reach their full potential and helping out in the classroom. Many of these educators are the backbone of a smoothly running classroom. They help teachers and students alike and are a vital part of a school.

Paraprofessional Day is a great way to recognize these educators. Thanks to all of the paraprofessionals at Panorama for all they do for students. So, if you see a paraprofessional, thank them for all they do for our school.