By Miyah Small, eighth-grader, staff writer

In sixth, seventh and eighth grade science, students receive the opportunity to participate in outdoor education. Many students enjoy this because they are able to get out of the classroom with their friends. Students go outside about two or three times each month depending on the weather. Students participated in the bird hike this winter. They observed different birds and noted their findings.

The students over the past three years have done many things in the outdoor classroom. Some of the things done across all three grades include restoring the prairie, replacing and adding new birdhouses, and water quality testing. Mr. Mark Dorhout, middle school science teacher at Panorama, says there are 19 birdhouses in the outdoor classroom. The current eighth graders each received a birdhouse and placed it in a location relevant to them, so there are about 50 more in addition to the 19 on the school property. One cool thing about the outdoor classroom is the fact that the Panorama Cross Country Course runs through part of the outdoor classroom. Information for this was from Mr. Dorhout.



By Bjoërg Skovgaard, sophomore, staff writer

Panorama senior Keirstyn Egger grew up in Linden but was born in Missouri. She would describe her last four years of high school as crazy, interesting and funny. Keirstyn has been a part of soccer and wrestling in her high school career. She says the person who impacted her the most is her soccer coach Chris Carlson because, “He’s been my soccer coach since I was little and always believed and helped me be better.”

Her biggest challenge through her high school career was math because she struggled so much, but she’s proud of her accomplishment of getting all of her math credits. Keirstyn’s advice for the underclassmen would be to “keep your grades up because your GPA matters,” and if she could tell her younger self anything, it would be to try harder in school. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Lindstrom because she is always in the best mood and encourages her. Keirstyn’s favorite quote is, “I may not be the best, but at least I’m not the worst” from her soccer team in 2023.

Her plans for the future are to attend DMACC for two years and then transfer to UNI or Iowa. She imagines herself living in Kentucky working as a police officer in 10 years. We wish you the best on your journey.



By Miranda Laabs, sophomore, staff writer

Klayton Bremer, a senior, grew up on a family farm near Redfield. He had been involved in many activities throughout his high school years including football, soccer, track, basketball, baseball, golf, National Honor Society, FFA and FCA. He was also on the honor roll. Many accomplishments were made by Klayton, but he says being invited to play at the Iowa Shrine Bowl All-Star football game was his greatest. This accomplishment was the greatest because he was chosen for his football skills and his contributions to the community; only 90 players in the state were chosen.

During high school, college calculus with Ms. Jarnagin and taking college classes remotely were his biggest challenges. In his free time, he likes to spend time with family and friends, playing sports, gaming and working on the farm. He says all of his coaches impacted him in some way, shape or form, but Klayton says he will always remember the Perry week 0 game when he got a pick 6. He pointed up to Mr. Dahlhauser in the press box. Coach Kauzlarich had guided Klayton into college football. He plans on playing football in college, as a wide receiver or safety and earning a four-year degree.



By Aden Rochholz, sophomore, staff writer

Gryffin Burchfield is a senior at Panorama. After he graduates, Gryffin would like to go to Iowa State. He is from Texas, and he had his first year at Panorama when he was a junior. Gryffin has participated in track and cross country. He describes his high school years as eventful, fun and a struggle. Griffin’s favorite teacher is Mr. Bahrenfuss because he is polite to his students.

Gryffin wishes he would’ve started eating healthy earlier in his life, and he thinks underclassmen should avoid sugar and other unhealthy foods. His favorite show of all time is “Breaking Bad.” Gryffin says he has been greatly impacted by the boys track team coaches, Mr. Daulhauser and Mr. Wagner. He looks up to David Goggins because of his great work ethic. His favorite quote is, “You have to want it, you have to want it more than anything,” by David Goggins. Gryffin’s greatest fear is growing old. He would like to be remembered for being healthy and living a long time.



By Lillie Greenlee, freshman, staff writer

There are many good and bad study habits that you should get into or out of. One of the good study habits would be studying as soon as possible. It’s not good to put off all your work. If you do the work as soon as you can, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. You also will get the peace of knowing you have all of your work done. So, getting your work done as soon as you can is really the best option.

Another good study habit is finding a place where you study best. This can improve the quality of your work and ensure that you’re in a comfortable setting.

While there are many good study habits, there are also multiple bad ones that you should try to avoid. A bad study habit would be simply copying someone else’s work. This is unethical and you aren’t learning anything when you copy. Then when you have to do something like a test, you will be a lot less prepared than you could have been.

Another bad study habit would be putting off your work until the last second. This is really just not good because you’ll be rushing through your work, it will probably be sloppy and you won’t do as well as you could have done.

All in all, you should try to get into the good study habits and get rid of the bad ones.



By Addie Astley, sophomore, staff writer

Why should teachers get paid more? In my opinion, it’s because they deserve it. They work five days a week and are responsible for each kid they have in their classes every day. Teaching and working with every student from day to day has its positives but also has its negatives. Teachers feel a lot of stress, anger, anxiety and frustration. Teachers do so much for their students and for other teachers more than people realize. Teachers deserve higher pay because they work very hard for their students and are there for them all the time.

If teachers got paid more, I think there would be better education toward students. The teachers would feel like they are getting paid what they deserve. Teachers are overworked for their pay, and it should be equal. According to https://www.rand.org/news/press/2023, more than half of the teachers are unsatisfied with their pay. Teachers are so important to the education system and raising the pay even a little bit would help with bringing teachers in. Raising teacher pay is a need for the school and education system.



By Maddy Carstens, junior, and Miranda Laabs, sophomore, staff writers

Joel Cooper is one of the two Panorama wrestlers to make it to state wrestling this year. Qualifying at Ogden districts, Joel is excited to be wrestling at state. He says, “There is no stage bigger than Iowa State championships.” Joel says that after districts, he was not only thrilled to go to state in the first place, but he was also looking forward to the opportunity to wrestle at Wells Fargo Arena. To warm up, Joel stretches, drinks lots of water, and eats a snack to get himself ready to wrestle. Joel says the thing that he is most excited about is the opportunity to prove himself to everyone.

Joel says he wanted to wrestle in general because his older cousins wrestled, and six of them went to state a couple of times each. Joel’s wrestler that he looks up to is Dan Gable because he has a great work ethic that is “unmatched by anyone else.” Joel would like to thank Coaches Jason Kirtley, Garrett Johnston and Ben McDaniel for helping him in wrestling and going to state because they taught Joel everything he knows. Joel would also like to thank his mom and dad for being there for him and supporting him every step of the way. Joel’s advice to others about wrestling is to work harder than the day before. He says when times get tough, think about what they are working for. Give it up for wrestler and State Qualifier Joel Cooper!

Cayden Vanmeer has been wrestling for 13 years and qualified for the state wrestling tournament this year. He has a strong mindset, and he has expectations of winning. This was one of his greatest accomplishments, as well as his record of 43 wins and 3 losses. Before wrestling matches, Cayden spends time in the locker room to take his mind off the stress of the match. His go-to warm-up song is “Neighborhood Superstar” by NBA Youngboy. Throughout the years, his family and parents have been his biggest supporters. They have been by his side, whether he won or lost.

Throughout his wrestling career, there have been many challenges. But one of the greatest challenges has been showing up every day wanting to be better, and accepting that it will suck, but you have to do it to accomplish the goals you set. Cayden’s greatest memory during wrestling was going to the state tournament with Wyatt Appleseth and qualifying for state his senior year. Being one on one and knowing it’s you versus your opponent are his favorite parts of wrestling. Cayden will miss being with his teammates, coaches and, of course, being in the moment of wrestling.



By Marlee Herring, eighth grader, staff writer

The Panorama School’s student-run GSA club sponsored a district-wide activity to provide handmade Valentines to the Perry School District. The activity was to show support for the victims of the recent school shooting there. The idea for the show of love was that of sophomore and GSA Vice President, Baylyn Herring.

On Feb. 1, the Panorama GSA had its monthly meeting and agreed to move forward with the idea. In 13 short days, with the overwhelming support of students and staff, that idea became a reality. Baylyn Herring, Vanessa Phillips and Cindy Christe delivered almost 2,000 valentines (896 to the elementary, 395 to the middle school, and 589 to the high school, as well as about 100 to St. Patrick’s Catholic School).

The Panorama GSA would like to thank everyone in the Panorama Community School District for all of the help and support.

“The GSA could not have done it without community and school support. Thank you for the hours, the materials, the donations, and most of all the love,” said Vanessa Phillips, Panorama GSA sponsor.


Pictured: Mary Fett, Maddy Lutz, Clara Colby, Nick Turner, Easton Berhow, Jaysen Stagg, Atlas Yates, Taylin Woolheater and Emme Hardisty


By Miyah Small, eighth grader, staff writer

For Valentine’s Day, Panorama Jazz Choir offered Singing Valentines. They were sold by the members of the choir at lunch to students. The purchase included a personalized note, a song sung by the jazz choir, and a bag of sweet treats. Each of these cost $5. On Valentine’s Day, the Jazz Choir went to each class and gave the treats and sang their song about love. These were a great way for students to spread cheer and love on Valentine’s Day.