Marlee Herring, Anabel Pudenz, Grace Tripple, Libby Miller and Olivia Beaudet


By Marlee Herring, eighth grader, staff writer

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, five middle school students went to the DMACC campus in Ankeny to participate in 2024 Math Counts, a competition between students that tests their mathematical abilities in various subjects like algebra and geometry. Students first compete individually and then compete as a team.

At this year’s competition, there were about 250 students from schools around Iowa.

Coached by Carla Church, the team is still awaiting final results. Participating students included Grace Tripple, Olivia Beaudet, Libby Miller, Anabel Pudenz and Marlee Herring. They tried their best even though there were lots of large schools they were competing against.



By Hailey Hellman, freshman, staff writer

Have you ever wondered how a high school student could be successful? It takes various skills and habits to be a successful person, but success can be different in everybody’s eyes. No matter who you are or what you do in life, there are ways to be successful. Being successful is one of the best ways you can feel good about yourself. It also makes you feel like you have done something good for yourself.

Firstly, one of the most important skills to have is good communication. We all need to be able to communicate with our peers to complete something. Communication does not only have to be talking in person. Sending emails, texting or calling on the phone can work, too. Good communication can lead to confidence and help with many things including being afraid to speak up. For example, many students can have poor communication or excellent communication with their teachers. It is more difficult for some people to let their teachers know when they need help. Having good communication will benefit your overall teamwork skills. The more you communicate and show transparency with others, the more they will open up to you. This creates a stronger working or personal relationship.

Secondly, time management is another important skill to have because if you do not know what time it is, many things can go wrong. You could be late to important events, and then start to rush yourself. Being on time for important things is important, but so is being able to realize how long it will take you to get something done, such as knowing how long it will take you to finish an assignment that is due in a week. Most people would work on it slowly till it is finished, although others would put it off until the last minute. Managing your time in work and school is just as important as managing your time in your personal life like hanging out with your friends and family or enjoying your hobbies. Happy people are much more successful than unhappy people. Also, time management will help get your tasks done completely and efficiently. The more efficient you can be in your work, the more time you can have for yourself.

Finally, the last skill is prioritizing. In order to get everything important in your life done, you need to prioritize. You can do this by setting goals for what needs to be done first. For example, a common one is getting your homework done before you sit down to look at your phone. Many people struggle with this because sometimes the more important things are not as fun as doing what you want. Although phones can have negative effects, they also have many things to help you prioritize like calendars, reminders and notes apps. If you want to succeed, you have to make sure you are spending your time wisely. Having priorities can help you to be more organized and have less stress overall.

In conclusion, success has a different meaning for everybody. It does not matter who you are or what you want to pursue in life. Success is the only way to get where you want to go. It is more than just a character trait, because if you want to be successful and feel like a better person, you have to work for it. Overall, learning to be a successful person will give you many benefits in life.



By Taylin Woolheater, sophomore, staff writer

During Avery Bahrenfuss’ free time, she spends time with her friends and enjoys volunteering. Her favorite shows include “Outer Banks,” “Friends” and “Modern Family.” Avery says her biggest accomplishment at Panorama was performing at the Individual All-State Speech Festival in 2022. Her biggest challenge throughout her high school years has been balancing school work with the activities she has participated in. During Bahrenfuss’ high school career, she participated in cross country, basketball, track and field, softball, speech, drama, FCA, student council and Panther Pride Service Organization. Avery’s advice for underclassmen is to make the most of your high school experience because it goes by fast. If she could talk to her younger self, she would tell herself not to be afraid to try new things, to take risks, and to take every opportunity possible. Avery’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Perez, who has not only helped her in Spanish but has taught her many valuable life lessons. Bahrenfuss would describe her last four years as exciting, challenging and unforgettable. The most challenging senior task for Avery has been preparing for life after high school.

In 10 years, Avery sees herself as a graduate of college and working in a hospital with infants. Avery’s plans after high school include going to college to earn her BSN and become a nurse. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to The Bahamas.

Avery’s biggest fear is failure. Bahrenfuss will remember all of the great memories she made with her friends along the way. She plans to achieve her goals by persevering through the challenges she faces. Bahrenfuss’ favorite inspiring quote is, “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens” – Mandy Hale. Avery looks up to her grandma. She says, “She has faced many challenges, and I aspire to be as strong as her.” Bahrenfuss is courageous, bubbly and determined, and she wants to be remembered as a kind, honest and supportive person who made a difference.



By Aden Rochholz, sophomore, staff writer

Colby Waltz is a senior at Panorama High School. He grew up in Bagley. Throughout high school, Colby wrestled, ran track and played football. His favorite teacher is Mr. Osbahr because he teaches his classes in an interesting way. If Colby had three words to describe his last three years at Panorama, they would be, “Way too long.” Colby’s advice for underclassmen is, “Stop being so loud.”

If Colby could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Florida. He looks up to his father because of his outstanding work ethic. Another person Colby looks up to is Coach Johnston. Colby’s favorite meal is lasagna, and his favorite song is “Unchained” by Van Halen. The thing Colby will remember most about this year is spending time with his good friend, Will.

We wish Colby a bright and successful future after he graduates from Panorama.



By Addie Astley, sophomore, staff writer

Why is it important to be kind to everyone? A little bit of kindness can go a long way, and it shouldn’t matter if you know the person or not. People are rude to others without even knowing the people or their background. They judge their appearances, voices, styles, insecurities, and things they can’t even control. Being kind to everyone is something everyone can work on to feel better about themselves.

Doing even the littlest of kindness can make someone feel better about themselves. All it takes is a second. Compliments are something that can go a long way with people and can be as simple as saying you like their sweatshirt. Something small like smiling at someone can also let them know you are welcoming them. Being kind can make other people’s days, but it also can make your day. So treat others the way you want to be treated.



By Miranda Laabs, sophomore, staff writer

Mr. Garrett Johnston has been teaching at Panorama for five years. However, becoming a teacher wasn’t always the dream job for him. Throughout his years of schooling, he ventured through many majors including biology, business, exercise science, elementary education and special education. While in college, Mr. Johnston played football at Upper Iowa. He eventually became one of the coaches for our school’s football team. He wanted to get back to the sport that had taught him so much about life. Along with football coaching, he also is one of the wrestling coaches. This led him to his greatest memory here, being able to coach Wyatt Appleseth in the final match at State.

When asked what his “ideal” day would be, Mr. Johnston said it would be hanging out with family and friends, which is what he does in his free time, as well as working out. Teaching has many hardships and challenges that come along with it. When faced with challenges, Mr. Johnston does his best to understand the situation and circumstances and then tries to find a positive solution for both parties. He finds that developing a productive plan that benefits both staff and students to maximize their success is the most challenging part of his job. The most rewarding part of his job is knowing he played a vital role in a kid’s success. Throughout his years of teaching and coaching, he has learned a lot about what it takes to be a teacher and a better role model, which has shaped him into a better person. Mr. Johnston is looking forward to next year’s coaching opportunities.

PHOTO: Male staff headshot



By Bjoërg Skovgaard, sophomore, staff writer

Junior Afton Poldberg from Panorama High School joined with Chef D and the Greene County Career Academy culinary students and made chicken piccata recently in class. They had a lot of fun with the group effort as they prepared the white wine caper butter sauce and homemade noodles. Afton thought the chicken piccata was really interesting because it was fun to learn and use a white wine sauce.

Afton Poldberg also partnered with the Ram Bistro by using some of their apples to make homemade pastry turnovers. Both dishes were delicious and well made. The apple pastries were easy to make, as you only had to cut the apples, cover them in cinnamon sugar, stuff them into a puff pastry, and pop them in the oven. She says, “Chef D is an incredible cook and makes the classroom a fun learning environment. I’m glad I’ve had Chef D as a teacher. She has helped me increase my vocabulary and how to stay patient in a stressful situation. I could not have done it without her.” Afton really loved making both dishes and would highly recommend the culinary class to other students.