By Taylin Woolheater, sophomore, staff writer

During Aliyah’s free time, she enjoys reading, biking and training her dog. She grew up in Huxley, and her biggest challenge was moving to a new school and having to start all over again. If she could talk to her younger self, she would tell herself everything will be OK. She explains her high school years have been like a reality show. At Panorama, she has been involved in football cheer, wrestling cheer, basketball cheer, FFA and soccer. Aliyah’s biggest role model is her mom because she is the strongest person she knows, and every day she tries her hardest to emulate her and her wisdom. Over time, Coach Wesselmann has impacted Fortner the most, and Mr. Hameister is her favorite teacher at Panorama because he gives good advice and can help make difficult moments better. The most challenging senior task for her has been taking on a leadership role in football cheer and spearheading summer practices.

Aliyah plans to attend college for biology or nursing after high school. She plans to achieve her goals after high school by working hard and following God’s plan for her life. In 10 years, she imagines herself living somewhere warmer and having a job she loves. Her biggest accomplishments so far are obtaining her CNA certification and her pinning ceremony. When she looks back at this school year, she will mainly remember the special connections she has made through her school activities. Aliyah’s advice for underclassmen is to sign up for sports, activities and clubs because many wonderful friendships and relationships can be formed from them. She wants to be remembered for being kind and gracious toward others.



By Hailey Hellman, freshman, staff writer

Lindy Nelson is a senior at Panorama this year. She plays basketball and softball. Also, she plans to go to college for softball and study business. Lindy found it difficult to stay on top of her classes, but, in the end, is proud of the person she is today. If she could tell the underclassmen anything, it would be to go to sporting events, spend time with your friends, and care about your grades. Most of all, she looks up to her dad for never giving up on her when others did.

Lindy describes herself as independent, hardworking and respectful. She loves chili, crackers and cheese. In her free time, she watches “Grey’s Anatomy” and hangs out with her friends. Her favorite quote is, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Overall, Lindy wants to be remembered as the girl who is nice to everyone.



By Jessy Randol, freshman, staff writer

Riley Gibson has been involved in FFA, dance team, speech, drama and NHS. After high school, she plans to attend a four-year college to receive a marketing degree. Riley plans to achieve her four-year college degree by working really hard to help her in the future. Riley’s favorite teacher has been Mrs. Perez because she loved taking Spanish class with her and she found a way to make her laugh. The most impactful coach to Riley is Mikeely Denger because she has made long and tiring practice fun. Riley’s biggest challenge in high school was her junior year because there were many tough classes.

Riley grew up in Panora. If she could go back and tell her younger self something, it would be to make sure you get your work done immediately and to not procrastinate. Riley looks up to her dad because he seems to know the right answers to everything. In 10 years, Riley sees herself with a full-time job living in England. When she looks back at this school year in her later years, she will remember speech and her friends the most. Riley’s biggest and most proud accomplishment was when she was crowned the 2024 Guthrie County Fair Queen. We all can’t wait to see what remarkable things Riley will do in the future with her big dreams. Panorama will miss seeing her bright and spirited smiles around school.



By Aden Rochholz, sophomore, staff writer

TATU was made to help educate kids about tobacco. TATU stands for Teens Against Tobacco Use. High schooler students who participate in TATU help fifth-grade students learn about the dangers of tobacco. TATU happens once a week for six weeks, and every session is 45 minutes.

TATU is important because students should learn about the dangers of tobacco early. It helps them learn how to avoid tobacco even with peer pressure. The students also learn about the negative effects of tobacco on the human body.

On Team Druivenga are Landon Kirtley, Cayden Iredale, Elah Molloy, Evelyn Hummel, Brayden Gaivan, Austin Wagner, Anna Thompson, Trey Boettcher and Ashton Kunce. On Team Coy are Joel Cooper, Sawyer Simmons, Faith Recker, Ava Thompson, Morgan Crees, Brayden Meinecke, Dylan Donovan and Aden Rochholz. Deanna Van Gundy, the school nurse, is in charge of this program at Panorama.



By Lillie Greenlee, freshman, staff writer

There are many important skills and habits that help students be the most successful they can be. One skill is making sure you get all of your work done on time. Another skill is being able to make sure you have time for everything, so time management. Lastly, it’s important to get in the habit of studying.

Getting your work done on time is obviously vital for passing a class. Not only that, but actually putting in effort on your work is important for learning. If you’re just doing it to get it done, but not doing it right, you’re not really learning anything. For me, I feel on edge if I don’t have my work done, but that’s also because I’ve just always made sure to get it done. I feel so relieved when I get my work done because I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I feel so much better when I actually put effort into something. I feel proud, and I don’t feel nervous about turning it in. When I do something and don’t try, I have no expectations and no confidence. Personally, I like to feel proud of my work and to know that I actually tried.

The next skill really goes along with the first one, but it’s still very important. Time management is important for not only your school life but your home life as well. If you’re in a lot of sports, have a job, or are just busy, it can be difficult to have time for your school work, too. However, just because you’re busy, that doesn’t mean you should be excused from getting your work done. Whenever I have something going on, I try and get my homework done right after school. Really, I try to do that in general, though. You should set goals and have your priorities straight. Even if you are in sports, your school work should come first, because if you don’t do well on that, you can’t participate in sports anyway. If you’re an extremely busy person, a good idea would be to get a planner or a calendar of some sort. That way, you can see all of the things you need to do, and you can make sure you do all of them. Having a lot of work can be overwhelming, so this could really help. I would definitely say that if you can help it, do the things that are most important first, even if you don’t want to. You shouldn’t put things off, especially if they’re important. If you really don’t have time for schoolwork outside of school, you should try to get it done in school. For example, if you have a study hall or work time, you should use that time efficiently for work and not get distracted.

Lastly, a very important habit is studying. I know this is something a lot of people don’t like doing. However, it’s vital for doing well in school. People will complain about how they didn’t do well on a test, but they didn’t do anything to prepare for it. Plus, there are a lot of fun ways to study. It’s also not like you have to study for hours in one night. I would definitely suggest studying for a shorter amount of time multiple times than just for a long time only once. That takes a lot less time, and I feel more ready for a test when I just study multiple times.

In conclusion, there are multiple easy things you can do to help you do much better in high school. Getting your work done is important for your grades and well-being. Time management is very important to not be stressed and to make sure you have time for everything important. Lastly, it’s important to get in the habit of studying. All of these skills will help you become the best student you can be. They are easy once you get in the habit of doing all of them.



By Miyah Small, eighth grader, staff writer

The Panorama High School Dance Team hosted the annual winter dance clinic. There are many participants ranging from preschoolers to seniors on the dance team. The clinic has a different theme every year. There are many different styles of dance depending on the theme.

This year, the theme was “Snow Day.” With the theme being winter, one of the dances was choreographed to the song “Let it Go” from the movie “Frozen.” All of the participants received pom-poms to dance in the group finale with and a T-shirt to wear during performances. After the clinic was over, anyone who wished got some hot cocoa to make it feel like a real snow day. The dance routine was performed at the Show of Shows and halftime of the boys basketball game.



By Holliday Mertens, freshman, staff writer

Did you know that YouTube started off as a dating website? It’s true! In April of 2005, YouTube was founded as a dating website where people would make videos introducing themselves. Under where you would sign in, the website said, “I’m a (male/female) seeking (everyone/males/females) between (18/99) and (18/99). The first video uploaded on YouTube was by one of its founders, titled, “Me at the zoo.” After YouTube being a dating website, its founders changed it to a website to upload any type of video for simple fun.

After a while, YouTube would become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. YouTube started paying content creators, and videos would become more high-quality. Some big channels from the past and present include Smosh, PewDiePie, MrBeast, and more. The current most subscribed channel is Indian music company T-Series.

To summarize, YouTube has gone through major changes to become what it is today.

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By Marlee Herring, eighth grader, staff writer

Mrs. Carla Church is retiring from Panorama at the end of the school year after 10 years of service. She is the TAG teacher for elementary, middle and high school students. She pulls elementary students for acceleration in math and enrichment in English language arts and helps them expand their opportunities. In the middle school, she organizes teams for academic competitions like First Lego League, Battle of the Books, Mathcounts, and Knowledge Bowl. She also helps high school students with their schedules, as well as other various academic opportunities.

She says that she is proud of helping students accomplish things they previously didn’t think they could and challenging them to expand their minds to new things. She says when students do difficult things, they can be rewarded by the results.

She says she will miss the students and seeing them grow up during their time at Panorama. One thing she won’t miss is waking up early in the morning. After retirement, she plans to be a grandma but really doesn’t know what else will be in store for her. She knows she wants to travel to Europe to visit the foreign exchange students she has previously hosted.

We thank Mrs. Church for her commitment to Panorama students. Be sure to congratulate her and wish her luck on her next adventure.