By Cyote Williams | Times Vedette

The ACGC boys track and field team has been lighting every track they step foot on ablaze this season. Their first-place finish at the Ram Relays at Greene County High School in Jefferson makes that three wins in a row and four out of their last five. The Chargers scored 112 points on the day, beating out Greene County, which finished with 97.

Eli Madsen took home a bronze-medal in the 100-meter dash and a silver-medal in the 200-meter dash. Andrew Mahaffey earned silver-medals in three races, the 400- and 800-meter dashes and the 1600-meter run. ACGC’s relay teams took home gold medals in the 800-medley relay and the 4×110 meter shuttle hurdle relay. Treyton Schneider earned gold and Brexton Schneider silver in the 110-meter hurdles. Last but not least, Payton Jacobe tossed his way to a bronze medal in the shot put.



100-meter dash:       

  • Eli Madsen placed third in 11.93
  • Anthony Solorzano placed fourth in 12.02   
  • Brexton Schneider placed sixth in 12.13       
  • Kade Sorensen placed tenth in 12.60

200-meter dash:

  • Eli Madsen placed second in 23.33
  • Lance Bunde placed fourth in 23.51
  • Thomas Skram placed 14th in 25.80


4×100 meter relay:

  • ACGC A placed first in 44.82
  • ACGC B placed 11th in 52.99

400-meter dash:                   

  • Andrew Mahaffey placed second in 54.99


4×200 meter relay:

  • ACGC placed sixth in 1:38.22

800-meter run:                     

  • Andrew Mahaffey placed second in 2:11.08
  • Cole Van Meter placed 12th in 2:21.28


4×400 meter relay:

  • ACGC placed fifth in 3:50.99

4×800 meter relay:

  • ACGC placed seventh in 10:31.81

1600-meter run:                   

  • Andrew Mahaffey placed second in 4:42.45
  • Preston Kent placed ninth in 5:14.02

800 medley relay:

  • ACGC placed first in 1:38.87

1600 medley relay:

  • ACGC placed fifth in 4:10.86

110-meter hurdles:   

  • Treyton Schneider placed first in 15.74
  • Brexton Schneider placed second in 16.88


400-meter hurdles:   

  • Tate Fever placed fourth in 59.88      
  • Jathan South placed ninth in 1:02.67


4×110 meter shuttle hurdle relay:

  • ACGC placed first in 1:01.92

Long jump:

  • Brexton Schneider placed 10th jumping 17-01.00
  • Morgun Nolte placed 15th jumping 15-05.25
  • Nathan Van Effen placed 17th jumping 13-08.75

Shot put:

  • Payton Jacobe placed third throwing 46-09.75
  • Mike Fuller placed ninth throwing 38-08.00
  • Mason Wahl placed 10th throwing 37-05.00



  • Mason Wahl placed fifth throwing 119-05
  • Mike Fuller placed sixth throwing 119-02
  • Ben Franzeen placed 11th throwing 95-03