By Cyote Williams | Times Vedette

On Friday, March 22, the Panorama boys track and field team made its way to Lamoni to compete in the Graceland High School meet, where they finished sixth out of nine schools. Panther athletes who finished in the top three were Latyn Ashworth, who earned silver for his effort in the 800-meter run, and the 4×200-meter group of Ashton Hutchins, Reed Draper, Connor Love and Ryan Cogil, which earned bronze.

 All-American Timing was in attendance to provide teams their timing services. The full results from the competition can be seen HERE.

“We took a smaller group with us and had some guys running in different things for the first time this year,” Head Coach Bruce Dahlhauser said. “Overall, our kids did a great job of competing and giving great effort, start to finish. We saw times drop across the board, which should give us a huge boost heading into the outdoor portion of our season.”

Coach Dahlhauser said aside from performance and technique, the team is focusing on some of the overlooked aspects of preparing for meets, such as getting the best warm-up possible and the timing of food and hydration to achieve top performances.

“There are so many things that affect performance, and being able to identify how we can be better at them now will be hugely beneficial down the road,” Dahlhauser said.

Full Panorama results:

55-meter dash:

  • Ashton Hutchins finished 6th in 7.18
  • Reed Draper finished 15th in 7.43
  • Hunter Kempf finished 20th in 7.57
  • Connor Love finished 25th in 7.70
  • Jaysen Stagg finished 35th in 8.14

55-meter hurdles:

  • Austin Wagner finished 13th in 10.37
  • Syler Shaffer finished 15th in 10.70

200-meter dash:

  • Latyn Ashworth finished 12th in 26.39
  • Hunter Kempf finished 14th in 26.76
  • Ryan McCarthy finished 25th in 27.72
  • Brayden Meinecke finished 26th in 27.94
  • Jaysen Stagg finished 39th in 30.50

4×200-meter relay:

  • Hutchins, Draper, Love and Cogil finished 3rd in 1:44.31
  • McCarthy, Boecker, Stagg and Donovan finished 9th in 1:57.76

400-meter dash:

  • Blake Schwartz finished 8th in 59.56
  • Gabe Wagner finished 11th in 1:01.45
  • Austin Wagner finished 15th in 1:02.66

4×400 meter relay:

  • Wagner, Crandall, Schwartz and Shaffer finished 5th in 4:02.77
  • Wagner, Kempf, Meinecke and Burchfield finished 7th in 4:20.44

800-meter run:

  • Latyn Ashworth finished 2nd in 2:19.57
  • Zach Hayden finished 18th in 2:40.18
  • Aden Rochhotz finished 19th in 2:40.76

4×400 meter relay:

  • Donovan, Hayden, Rochhotz and Burchfield finished 4th in 10:45.93

Distance medley:

  • Hutchins, Cogil, Shaffer and Crandall finished 4th in 4:08.51

Long jump:

  • Reed Draper finished 7th jumping 18-08.00
  • Ryan Cogil finished 9th jumping 17-03.25
  • Cruz Crandall finished 11th jumping 17-02.75

Shot put:

  • Cristian Monrroy-Nunez finished 7th throwing 40-09.00

“A few of the names emerging are Cristian Monrroy-Nunez, Syler Shaffer and Blake Schwartz. All three of these guys had a tremendous March and look ready to play a large part in our team’s success this spring,” Dahlhauser said.