Jaidyn Sellers competes at the ACGC Charger Invite. Photo by Betty Cooper

By Cyote Williams | Times Vedette

On April 11, the Panorama girls track and field team put together a solid performance that led to their highest team total in points this season, placing fourth with 93. Host ACGC won the meet with 101.

Jaidyn Sellers is easing back into the season after a hamstring injury that occurred during the indoor portion of the season kept her mostly sidelined, says Head Coach Greg Thompson. With Sellers back on the track, she took gold in both the 100- and 400-meter dashes and as part of the 4×100 meter relay team with Almiranda Burnett, Faith Recker and Maddy Lutz. Kylie Rochholtz earned bronze in the 800-meter run. Panorama also took gold home in the 4×800 meter and 800 medley relays. Arilyan Steenblock also brought home a gold medal for Panorama for her toss in discus. According to Coach Thompson, six girls set eight new personal bests, and 11 events were season best performances.


100-meter dash:

  • Alexis Olson placed 13th in 14.94     
  • Addie Astley placed 19th in 15.78

200-meter dash:

  • Jaidyn Sellers placed first in 25.39
  • Faith Recker placed 13th in 31.19      
  • Gracie Richter placed 18th in 32.20

4×100 meter relay:

  • Panorama A placed first in 52.88
  • Panorama B placed 11th in 1:00.75

400-meter dash:

  • Jaidyn Sellers placed first in 1:00.09

4×200 meter relay:

  • Panorama placed fifth in 2:04.85

800-meter run:         

  • Kylie Rochholz placed third in 2:39.92        
  • Avery Bahrenfuss placed 17th in 3:17.53

4×400 meter relay:

  • Panorama placed 8th in 5:24.36

4×800 meter relay:

  • Panorama placed first in 11:15.29

1500-meter run:       

  • Mary Fett placed fourth in 5:43.90
  • Laicey Lutz placed fifth in 5:44.99

800 medley relay:

  • Panorama placed first in 1:56.00

1600 medley relay:

  • Panorama placed sixth in 5:05.15

100-meter hurdles:   

  • Almiranda Burnett placed sixth in 18.87

400-meter hurdles:   

  • Almiranda Burnett placed fifth in 1:16.99


Shot put:

  • Arilyan Steenblock placed sixth throwing 27-9.00
  • Lindy Nelson placed 14th throwing 25-6



  • Arilyan Steenblock placed first throwing 104-9       
  • Lindy Nelson placed 16th throwing 64-10

Kylie Rochholz competes at the ACGC Charger Invite. Photo by Betty Cooper