Brian Rumple and his 1967 John Deere tractor.


Brian Rumple enjoys these two classics.


By Rich Wicks | Guthrie Center Times

Farming just north of Casey has provided Brian Rumple with many years of sitting in the cab of a tractor. He apparently hasn’t tired of that quite yet, as he still chooses to spend some of his free time in a family favorite. 

Rumple recently showed his treasured old tractor, which has been in the family a long time. It’s a John Deere, but it’s one of a kind.

“My dad bought it brand new in 1967. It’s a 4020 gas tractor,” Rumple said.

“Then, in 1973, the engine had problems, so he took it to a guy who put a 4430 engine in it, and we named it 4420. It’s been here ever since.”

Rumple noted that tractors, like everything else, have risen greatly in price over the decades.

“It used to be our main tractor. Everybody in my family drove it, even my grandpa,” Rumple said. “It cost $8,000 new, and I’m thinking the repower was around $2,800 or something. Nowadays, I spent more than that on new tires.”

After a long career working in the fields, the tractor now is retired from active farm work. Rumple explained that, because the tractor has so much sentimental value in the family, he chose to keep it, fix it up and let everyone enjoy it.

“My brother and I repainted it a few years ago,” Rumple said.

Since then, it’s been seen in tractor shows and many local parades, including the Casey 150th anniversary celebration in 2019. Rumple noted that the family showcased tractors from each decade, from the 1960s through the 2000s. 

When asked what makes his 1967 tractor unique, Rumple had a ready answer.

“John Deere never made a 4420. It’s a 4020 with a 4430 engine in it, which is a bigger engine.”

Another vehicle that’s near and dear to Rumple’s heart is his 1969 Chevelle.

“I bought it from a guy, probably 10 or 12 years ago, maybe a little longer,” Rumple said. “It’s a Yenko clone. It has a 427 engine in it. It’s a little more rare version.”

Rumple said the car reminds him of one from his past.

“My brother had a 1969 Chevelle in high school,” Rumple said. “I take it to car shows, maybe two or three a year. I’m not planning on getting rid of it.”

Rumple isn’t actively looking to add another classic car, but he admits he has considered the possibility. 

“Well, I had a 1973 SS four-speed Nova in high school,” Rumple said. “That would be nice, but I don’t really have a spot for it. One’s probably all I’m allowed.”


Brian Rumple’s 1969 Chevelle.