By Rich Wicks | Times Vedette

The weekend of Jan. 13 and 14 saw almost all events in the area postponed or canceled due to snow, wind and difficult travel conditions, but the All-Star Dance competition hosted by Main Street Dance Studios in Panora went ahead as scheduled, with a few changes due to the conditions.

“We had to flip the competition to Sunday and classes to Saturday allowing for whomever could safely attend the classes,” Kristi Vance, owner/director of Main Street Dance Studios, said. “We had a substantial turnout for our classes and 100% attendance at the competition. The school superintendent was very supportive of our event and granted me faith to make the correct judgement calls in regard to safety. With some creative scheduling, we made it a safe and successful event.”

Vance said they had many families arrive before the storm, traveling as far as Story County to stay at host homes, hotels in the area and even at the studio in Panora.

“With flights being cancelled and rescheduled, we managed to get all of our judges here but one who was coming in from New York.”

Results from the competition included:

Fan Favorite – Charlotte Rockwell

Sportsmanship Award – Paisley Sutton

Justin Judge’s Choice

  • Olivia Nims 
  • Sarah Westergaard
  • Jackson Baker

Betty Judge’s Choice

  • Adalyn Weber 
  • Donovin Delp
  • Duet with Leah Biensen and Addisyn Leonard
  • Dallas Morgan
  • Addisyn Leonard

Erin Judge’s Choice

  • Space Jam
  • Paisley Sutton
  • Scarlett Puttney

LA Judge’s Choice

  • Duet with Donovin Delp and Paisley Sutton
  • Leah Biensen
  • Hadley Fitch

Junior Solos (top 3)

  • 3rd- Alyrec McGregory “Feeling Freaky”
  • 2nd- Nora Kelly “My Lip Gloss”
  • 1st- Olivia Nims “End of Time”

Teen Solos (top 3)

  • 3rd- Adalyn Weber “Piece by Piece”
  • 2nd- Scarlett Puttney “Lost A Friend”
  • 1st- Addisyn Leonard “Rescue Me”

Senior Solos (top 3)

  • 3rd- Paisley Sutton “Love on the Brain”
  • 2nd- Jackson Baker “To the Rap Mobile”
  • 1st- Donovin Delp “Matilda”

Junior Duo/Trio (top 3)

  • 1st- Material Girls

Teen Duo/Trio (top 3)

  • 3rd- Beautifully Imperfect
  • 2nd- Stand By You
  • 1st- My Man 

Senior Duo/Trio (top 3)

  • 3rd- Wishes
  • 2nd- When We Were Young
  • 1st- Closure

Top Petite Groups

  • 2nd- Icy
  • 1st- Space Jam

Top Junior Groups

  • 2nd- What I Was Made For
  • 1st- Me & You & Daisies

Top Teen Groups

  • 3rd- Glimmer Of Hope
  • 2nd- Eden
  • 1st- No More

Top Senior Groups

  • 3rd- Runway
  • 2nd- Recovery
  • 1st- Never Look Back

Overall Petite/Junior Winner: Oliva Nims

  • Overall Teen Winner: Rescue Me
  • Overall Senior Winner: Matilda

Overall High Scores (top 5)

  • 5th- No More
  • 4th- To The Rap Mobile Jackson Baker
  • 3rd- Rescue Me Addisyn Leonard
  • 2nd- Closure Paisley and Donovin
  • 1st- Matilda Donovin Delp

  • Costume: Space Jam
  • Showmanship: My Man
  • Choreography: “Piece by Piece” by Donovin Delp (dancer Adalyn Weber)
  • Technical: Leah Bienson
  • Emotional Execution: Nella Rivas
  • Future Star Award: Alyrec McGregory
  • Female All Star Award: Addisyn Leonard
  • Male All Star Award: Donovin Delp

“One of the greatest attributes of our dance family is their resilience and their commitment to their children’s growth both in character and technique,” Vance said. “This event is important toward launching our season, and it is an event that we are all grateful to be able to participate in.”