By Rich Wicks | Times Vedette

With winter suddenly and aggressively upon us, some residents have asked where the City of Panora puts all the snow from the streets. Panora City Administrator Lisa Grossman shared winter/snow information to address that question and others.

According to Grossman, the city piles up the snow at Water Works park, which is across from Lenon Mill Park.

In addition, she reminds residents that no cars are to park on streets or city parking (the area between curb and sidewalk) when snow is falling or 48 hours after snowfall or until plowed. She stated that if the snow is deep enough, it may be two-plus days before they can plow alleys.  

“If you need to get out sooner, you may need to hire someone to clear the snow,” she said.

For sidewalks, the city code says snow needs to be removed within 24 hours after it stops snowing.

 In order to make the most efficient use of available resources, Grossman says the city has established priorities using the assumption that the severity of a storm is not beyond the normal capabilities of the city’s snow removal resources.

“Depending on the nature of the snowstorm, deviations could occur,” she said. The established priorities are as follows:

  • Arterials and business commercial alleys, first priority
  • All remaining streets including cul-de-sacs, second priority
  • City sidewalks and public buildings, second priority
  • Parking lots, third priority
  • All other alleys, fourth priority

Grossman said plowing alleys is the last priority during snow removal, and that all other priorities will be completed before snow removal will be done in the alleys. No overtime for city employees will be used to plow third and fourth priorities.

The City of Panora’s winter reminders can be found at